Sequestim truck scanning technology

Sequestim Ltd, the Cardiff based high-tech security scanner company, is pleased to announce that it has successfully demonstrated the ability to find people and animals hidden inside freight trucks. The new scanner images the heat of people and animals behind truck curtains.

The Sequestim scanner even works on vehicles travelling at 100mph! It uses ground-breaking terahertz technology and is completely safe as it emits no radiation of any kind. Images are generated with far more detail than has previously been possible.

Border and law enforcement authorities can for the first time screen vehicles without bringing them to a halt, and can now screen vehicles on the open road. This will dramatically speed up border security and at the same time revolutionise the ability to detect hidden items.

“Our truck scanning solution is entirely new to the world and will be a great help in the fight against people smuggling and illegal immigration. We can see what is hidden inside trucks travelling at motorway speeds even if people are concealed inside crates. It’s quite remarkable.”

– Paul Simmons, CEO, Sequestim

The new truck scanner is available for order immediately. It can be configured as a permanent facility at designated checkpoints or as a mobile system mounted in a vehicle or trailer.

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