How it works

Sequestim  provides a unique combination of technologies

Proprietary THz Detectors

Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KIDS)

Plug and Play Cryogenics

Electrically powered automatic continuous cryo-free operation

Proprietary THz Filters​

World-leading expertise – as used on ESA and NASA astronomy satellites

Key features

  • Image at millimetre wavelengths​
  • Natural emission from the body act as a light source​
  • Nothing is shone at the target
  • Hidden items show up as a shadow
  • Threat can be of any material (not just metal)​
  • Video rate imaging (moving target)​
  • Camera needs only electrical power
  • AI identifies known threats, allowing everyday items to remain with the passenger

Key applications

“Walk-Thru” Airport Security

Walkthrough screening

“Drive-By” Truck Screening

Drive by screening