Sequestim to showcase revolutionary new Security Scanner technology at Passenger Terminal World from March 26thto 28thwith AI partner Aurora.

Passenger Terminal Expo 2019Sequestim Ltd, the innovative new Cardiff based airport and border security scanner company is pleased to announce that it will joining with partner Aurora AI to showcase its revolutionary walk through scanner technology at the Passenger Terminal Expo on March 26thto 28that Excel, London. The Sequestim system uses powerful imaging cameras and detectors originally developed for space observations to scan passengers as they pass through the screening area. Removal of outer clothing is no longer required. The Sequestim system is paired with powerful AI technology from Aurora so that only items posing a potential threat will trigger an alert. Aurora delivers world leading accuracy in AI solutions developed through their proprietary Deep Learning technology.

Commenting on the development, Sequestim’s new CEO Paul Simmons said “Our scanning solution is genuinely ground-breaking. It delivers a better passenger experience and a faster passenger throughput than existing scanning alternatives. This is because the technology is genuinely new, originating in space observatory science. The breakthrough came by applying that space camera science with modern cryogenics and world leading filters. Together this delivers incredible image precision at video speeds; all without radiation.”

Nick Whitehead, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Aurora AI said “- Building state of the art AI solutions is what we are all about. This project is especially exciting because we are pairing our breakthrough AI solution with an equally breakthrough security scanner development to create a truly powerful product. We look forward to showcasing it along with Sequestim at Passenger Terminal Expo”.